15 LinkedIn Cover Banners with Outstanding Designs That Will Inspire You!

by David Gaudreault, entrepreneur, maker, digital marketing and personal branding expert

15 bannières LinkedIn aux designs exceptionnels qui sauront vous inspirer!

Is your LinkedIn cover banner optimized? Do you even have a banner on your LinkedIn profile?

The banner is an essential part of your profile!

It should reflect your personal or corporate brand and should be used to highlight one of the following:

  1. Your value proposition
  2. Your products or services
  3. A recent achievement
  4. Your personal website/blog
  5. Your company
  6. A workplace, a team spirit, a fraternity, etc.

Your banner should also match your profile picture.

For example, your profile picture may include one color from your brand’s color palette, which is also reflected in your banner.

A dark banner could also fit well with a black and white profile photo.

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15 Linkedin Cover Banners with Exceptional Designs that will Inspire You

Get inspired by the best! Here are 15 examples of profiles with outstanding designs that I found in my list of several thousand contacts.

Each banner has various design elements that show the range of options available to you when designing your banner.

1-Justine Gaignard-Parent

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Justine Gaignard-Parent

Wow! I must say this banner in the colors of Guépards Communication is outstanding.

The use of a black background reminiscent of foliage to accentuate the lettering and logo is very effective.

In addition, the choice of black and white for the cheetah photo allows a nice harmonization with the profile picture.

The choice of Justine to keep her hair luscious in the photo also adds to the wild side of the design. One of the profile pictures that best matches the banner.

2-Gabriel Tassé

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Gabriel Tassé

I love Gabriel’s banner that is both simple and effective.

It promotes the Click & Mortar logo and brand colors in addition to focusing on the main business field with the slogan, marketing in the digital age.

The transversal line also brings a very interesting design element.

A color reminder is made between the banner and the profile picture with the green outline.

The profile picture is also excellent, very well centered with a blurry and bright background.

3-Guy Bolduc

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Guy Bolduc

Guy brilliantly reuses the main banner of his B-367 agency website.

This dark gray banner, which probably refers to a Boeing B-367 aircraft piece, provides an excellent contrast to the white lettering that promotes the company’s logo and slogan.

Also, note the subtle shades of gray added to the lettering that allows better integration with the background.

Guy’s photo is also very professional, with perfect lighting and a blurry and bright background.

The close-up is also done with great accuracy.

I too often see exaggerated close-ups or photos where the subject is a little too far away. This close-up is just perfect.

4-Yves Erard

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Yves Erard

Yves uses the banner to highlight the Mirabaud logo and the longevity of the company.

The use of glass pentagons harmonizes well with the glass background of the profile picture.

There is also the use of a contour to recall the color of the logo as well as the outlines of some of the pentagons.

5-Myriam Belzile-Maguire

As the designer and founder of the shoe store Maguire, Myriam has made the wise choice to put the products of her collection in the foreground.

His sober profile photo on a blurry light background is in harmony with the idea of putting forward her shoes which are very colorful and on a white background.

I like the fact that we distinguish the signature Maguire inside the shoes. This small detail clarifies the message and takes the banner to another level.

6-Jean-Pierre Beaudoin

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Jean-Pierre Beaudoin

Jean-Pierre has opted for a flamboyant banner perfect to reflect his dynamism and energy while staying loyal to his personal brand jpbeaudoin.com.

He uses the same fonts, same colors, the same signature, in short, an established and consistent guy across his platforms.

I cannot ignore the bluish hue of his profile picture that perfectly matches the color of his banner and, again, respects the guideline of his personal brand since we find the same picture on the background of his personal website.

7-Charles Cormier

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Charles Cormier

Charles opts for simplicity with his black horizontal logo on a white background very effective and a profile photo in black and white on a very dark background that brings an excellent contrast with the banner.

A good example that reminds us that efficiency in design starts with simplicity.

Note that this type of design can be achieved provided you have a punchy horizontal logo.

Avoid this kind of design if your logo is square, circular or vertical.

8-Marie-Pier St-Hilaire

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Marie-Pier St-Hilaire

The design of the black banner and the profile photo of Marie-Pier really stand out because it is directly related to the design of the website of his company Edgenda.

In addition, they are very forward thinking because they have established a consistent guideline for all employees.

That’s great, as they encourage every employee to get into the corporate brand and make it shine on their own media.

This is really an example to follow for all companies, big and small!

People connect and engage more with people than with corporate brands.

So, making your corporate brand shine through the profile of your employees is a brilliant way to generate more commitment to your corporate brand.

Note that in general, you should avoid using lettering on your profile picture.

This design is really special and very well done, but generally, the lettering is found to be too small and totally ineffective.

9-Georgia Henderson

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Georgia Henderson

I chose Georgia’s profile because it puts forward a recent achievement of her company in a very efficient way and in all respect of the guideline of the Charlton Morris brand.

In this regard, it is recommended to use your LinkedIn banner to highlight a recent achievement, however, make sure your achievement is highlighted.

Many people will put the picture of a recent event, for example, a crowd that attended their conference but without giving any indication of the event in question.

Others will use the photo of an appearance in the media, but without naming the media, the show and the reason for their intervention.

If you are using a photo, add a graphic element to help your audience understand what the event was and why you chose to use it as a banner.

By the way, Georgia’s profile picture is also very beautiful with a perfect contrast between the blurry and bright background and her dark hair and clothes.

10-Étienne Morin-Bordeleau

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Étienne Morin-Bordeleau

I love Étienne simple design, but so good!

The strength of its design is the attitude.

Of course, there is a reminder between the black and white of the banner and the black and white of the profile picture, but beyond that, there is also a successful reminder between the attitude of design and that taken by Étienne on his picture.

Rebel, artistic. BANG! In your face!

Definitely, one of my favorite profiles in this list.

11-Émilie Pelletier

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Émilie Pelletier

Another profile with an outstanding design that I love! That of Émilie Pelletier.

The design blends perfectly with her slogan Dare to stand out, highlighting colors that stand out against a gray urban background.

The colorful paint application is also part of the message that is likely saying: Add color to your approach with our HR marketing services and attract the best talents

Émilie’s gray photo is also in perfect harmony with the banner. Her photo taken aside also allows her to stand out from the majority who opts for a front photo.

12-Denis Doré

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Denis Doré

If you have the slightest interest in 3D animation, this exceptional banner will surely bring you to visit the Squeeze Animation Studio website!

What an attitude! And Denis’s photo is also excellent with his mischievous smile.

Who is David Gaudreault?

David Gaudreault Bio - David's Way

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I help entrepreneurs develop two essentials for building a successful startup: (1) building a strong personal brand and (2) building solid foundations of passive incomes to gain professional freedom.

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I only wish that Denis harmonizes his photo to the banner with a pink background! It would be just perfect.

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Denis Doré

13-Isabelle Methot

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Isabelle Methot

Isabelle has a beautiful logo and an excellent slogan and put both of them in value on a black background that harmonizes perfectly with her photo in black and white.

The photo is also excellent, stylish, dynamic and very professional with a distinguished shirt that contrasts with the pale gray background. Lighting also highlights her blonde hair.

Really a very professional photo!

14-Michel Richard

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - Michel Richard

On his banner, Michel has chosen to highlight his team and some of the values he promotes, but in a very subtle way.

It features the Make a Wish Foundation poster in the background and a group of cyclists sporting the Alithya logo on their jerseys.

Her photo conveys a message of unity, sharing, generosity, joy, dynamism and physical activity.

A photo that is worth a thousand words!

His profile picture is also very professional.

15-David Gaudreault

Comment optimiser votre profil LinkedIn et vous démarquer - David Gaudreault

As the last example, I decided to take my own example, to invite you in an original way to follow me on LinkedIn! Click on the picture to visit my account and follow me.

I publish articles and videos regularly on personal brands, digital marketing, SEO and business.

Regarding my design, I reused the photo of the city of Montreal which is at the top of all my articles on my blog.

I then put forward my main expertise, personal branding and the URL of my blog on the right side of the banner.

Finally, I made a reminder of the blue brand color at the bottom of the banner and on the outline of my profile picture.

The use of black and white for my photo is in harmony with the dark, almost black bottom part of the photo.

Using the blue outline combined with black and white also allows my photo to stand out in the search results.



In this post, I’ve introduced 15 LinkedIn profiles that stand out by their designs and that can inspire you to make your own cover banner.

The banner and your profile picture are essential elements that will make you stand out on LinkedIn, so take benefit of it!

Your banner allows you to put forward your value proposition, your products and services, your logo, your slogan, your vision and even your values with the use of distinctive graphic elements.

You can opt for various design options, such as:

  1. Photo of a team, a workplace or a recent achievement with descriptive text on the photo.
  2. White, black or colored plain background with either your logo and slogan or text related to your value proposition
  3. Background photo that is chosen wisely to highlight your logo and slogan, or text related to your value proposition
  4. Your products put in the foreground of the banner
  5. A graphic design that communicates the attitude of your brand

In any case, try to harmonize your profile picture with your banner.

To conclude, let me ask you: “In these 15 banners, which ones did you prefer?”

You can answer in the comments section below.

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