19 Ways to Establish your Credibility Almost Instantaneously

by David Gaudreault, Entrepreneur, Maker, Online Marketing and Personal Branding Specialist

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Ways to Establish your Credibility Rapidly - Business Man

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Have you ever noticed that when you start working for a company, one of the first things they do is to brand yo?.

They give you a title (e.g. director of marketing), they give you a professional email address, a business card, guidelines for your email signature, some templates that you will need to use when writing a letter or making a presentation and sometimes they impose a dressing code.

All those elements serve two purposes:

  1. Make sure you align with the corporate brand and become the perfect little corporate soldier, but also to…
  2. help you establish your credibility with customers

And you will notice that higher your responsibilities higher is your “status” or title so that you be taken seriously by large customers!

To be perfectly honest, you wouldn’t be a better person with a lower grade title, but life is so made!

People are very suggestible, full of preconceived ideas and it is very easy to influence them and establish your credibility with a few simple elements in place!

Ways to establish your credibility instantaneously

You can establish your credibility in a way similar to that used by companies for their employees.

In personal branding, you can’t rely on the company image and credibility, or a title assigned to you, but you can use similar tricks to influence people so that they give you high credibility almost instantaneously.

Below are 19 things you can implement to establish your credibility in the blink of an eye.

In addition, I added an additional 3 tips at the end to help you establish your credibility even more rapidly.

1 – Build a Blog with your Own Domain

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a techie to build your own website and blog.

Anyone can do it easily following a few easy steps:

  1. Buy your domain name (see How to choose a domain name) at namecheap.com or at your favorite ICANN-accredited registrar.
  2. Purchase a hosting plan with Siteground (I recommend the GrowBig plan which is among the best for hosting a WordPress blog).
  3. Install your free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Buy and Install your WordPress Theme (I recommend the DIVI theme or Avada)
  6. Design your site using your brand identity – logo (you may get a good logo from 99designs), visual guidelines, messages, stories, etc.
  7. Install essential plugins
  8. Translate your website if applicable using WPML.org plugin
  9. Configure the DNS of your domain to point to your server
  10. Setup Google Analytic and Facebook Pixel

You are all set to start producing content!

2-Get your Professional Email

Once you have a website, getting your professional email can be achieved in two simple steps:

  1. Setup your email address in CPanel
  2. Configure your new address in Outlook, Gmail, Zoho Mail or any of your favorite email management tool.

3-Build your Social Media Pages

I recommend creating a page in the most popular Social Media platforms:

Design your page with meticulous attention, making sure to follow your brand guidelines, and use your message and stories with consistency among all your platforms.

All your profiles should be completed with relevant information, with your value proposition and call-to-action displayed prominently.

Make sure your cover images display properly on all screen size. You can verify that using Chrome Developer tools.

Click on the 3-dots menu, More Tools, Developer Tools and finally click on the Toggle Device Toolbar icon on the upper left side of the menu.

Chrome developer tools Toogle Device Toolbar

You can also get involved in industry-specific social media platforms that relate to your niche. You can find them easily with a simple Google search.

4-Get your Professional Business Cards

Business cards should be professionally designed following your brand guidelines.

You can get them from Vistaprint or Moo.

Include your traditional information, your website URL and your social media pages.

It’s always a good idea to include a call-to-action on the back of your card to intrigue people and get them to visit your blog.

For the Personal Branding theme, an example would be:

10 Personal Branding Secrets you Absolutely Need to Know!

and add a simple URL below the title like : davidgaudreault.com/secrets

5-Start Social Groups of Experts and Be the Admin / Mediator

There is a consensus right now that Facebook pages are dead, but in reality, all social media platforms limit your organic reach to force you to buy more ads.

As Neil Patel mentioned in his recent post 7 Marketing Mistakes That Nearly Broke Me… Literally:

“History has proven that social networks continually change their algorithms and restrict your reach […].”

However, groups are in a different category. They work more like tribes where everybody contributes and they offer a very high reach among the people in the group.

As an expert group administrator, you have the double advantage of getting self-promotional opportunities while being able to establish your credibility with the experts in your groups.

6-Write a book

Nowadays, self-publishing a book has never been more accessible as print-on-demand services makes it very easy and affordable.

The negative side of this new reality is the explosion of books published in recent years and an average sale of books constantly reaching new lows. In 2010, The average U.S. nonfiction book in 2010 was selling less than 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 copies over its lifetime. This trend has continued since then, which means that these figures are certainly worse today.

That said, why would you write a book if not to sell it and make money with it?

In fact, authors are commonly viewed as authorities in their field of expertise and for this reason, writing a book really help establish your credibility.

Therefore, most authors write books, not necessarily to make money but to establish their credibility and use this credibility to upsell other profitable services such as coaching, consulting, public speaking, etc.

List of Self-Publishing Services with Print-On-Demand

7-Start a Vlog and a Podcast

Another way to establish your credibility is by hosting a Vlog (video blog) and a Podcast where you showcase your expertise.

Vlog and Podcast are a good complement to your blog because they show more of your personality, your enthusiasm, your drive, and energy.

Top Vlogging Platforms

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram (IGTV)

Unlike the aforementioned Vlogging platforms that host video files, podcast publishing platforms do not host your audio files.

Therefore, you need a Media Hosting Provider to host your audio files and, then you publish the hosted files on publishing platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Spotify.

 Top 8 Podcast Hosting Providers

  1. Libsyn
  2. PodBean
  3. BuzzSprout
  4. Blubrry
  5. SoundCloud
  6. Spreaker
  7. Audioboom
  8. Anchor

8-Speak at Conferences

Being a speaker at a conference provide various benefits:

  • Increase your credibility: because it shows that you are well-versed on the topic of your speech.
  • Get in touch with your target audience
  • Build and increase your personal brand awareness
  • Get your message across to hundreds of prospective clients
  • Help you improve your presentation skills
  • Build your network

Of course, a speech at a conference will not establish your credibility beyond the crowd participating in the conference, unless you record your speech and publish it on your blog!

So it becomes exciting! By publishing your conference on your blog, thousands of people are likely to see it, and your conference will help you establish your credibility with all these people.

9-Host Free Webinars

Webinars are great for selling virtually anything, but it is also a great tool to establish your credibility with your attendees because just like for conferences, it shows that you are well-versed on the topic of your webinar.

The good thing about webinars is that you can make it evergreen and let it run on cruise control 24/7. It means you can reach a larger target audience.

Many tools are available to do webinars, but two tools really stand out in the market right now.

The first one is WebinarJam, which is for live webinars and the second is EverWebinar, which is used to turn your live webinar into an evergreen webinar, an automated live webinar.

You may also be interested to read more about the Best Practices to Create the Perfect Webinar

10-Offer Training

What a better way to establish your credibility than becoming an instructor in your industry.

Just think about your old days at school and how much credibility and authority you were giving to your teachers without any further due other than the fact they were your teachers.

You can offer two types of training.

In-person training.

These training take a real commitment and quickly become time-consuming. Actually, most people giving in-person training do it as their main job.

Online training

The alternative is to create online training, which requires quite a long time at first, but once completed, thousands of customers can take your course with no other investment in time than customer support.

There are various tools available to offer online training.

Udemy is one of the biggest marketplaces to sell online course and is definitely a tempting option considering you can post your course for free.

However, Udemy takes 50% per sale, limit your pricing to $199 and somewhat, control your branding.

My favorite option is Thinkific.

On Thinkific, you can get a standalone site with your custom domain and you have full control over your pricing and branding, and you get access to your students’ email address which is a big deal in marketing.

Thinkific also offers a free plan (with a transaction fee of 10%), which is an undeniable advantage to test the public interest in your course before committing to an annual paid subscription.

11-Do Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming is another way to connect and engage with your audience while establishing your credibility.

The big advantage of streaming is that you get to discuss with your audience in real time and for this reason, streaming generates 10x more comments than on-demand videos.

As you may know, comments positively impact your reach, meaning more comments means ultimately more video views.

10 Most Popular Live Streaming Video Platforms

  1. YouTube Live
  2. Facebook Live
  3. Twitch
  4. Periscope
  5. Younow
  6. Bambuser (formally IRIS)
  8. Dacast
  9. Livestream
  10. Brightcove

12-Be an Expert Speaker in Traditional Media

It is hard to get booked in traditional Media. You need to work your way in on the long run, building professional relationships with reporters and prove yourself to be a trustable source in your industry.

Obviously, the day you get booked you really hit a home run in term of establishing your credibility!

But, it won’t happen overnight.

That said, being proactive certainly helps!

To get the ball rolling, you can try to get experience at your local TV channel or local radio as a collaborator. In order to do so, you need to pitch yourself very well.

5 Tips to Pitch Yourself to the Media

  • Be Professional
  • Back it up with stats, articles, and anecdotes to support your narrative
  • Be Confident
  • Don’t Oversell
  • Be Overly Prepared

Once you get your first interview, you can use it to showcase yourself to the bigger players and hope for the best.

You can also subscribe to the HARO platform where you can make yourself available to reporters for potential interviews.

As state on their site, HARO provides journalists with a robust database of sources for upcoming stories and daily opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage.

13-Be a Content Creator

Creating your own content is very important to establish your credibility as it is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise while bringing real value to your audience.

You can provide content in 7 various ways.

  • THE CONTENT CREATOR: you create the content yourself
  • THE CURATOR: you find and share all the best content from the best sources and position yourself as the “go to” person
  • THE JOURNALIST: you comment on what’s going on in the world with an objective point of view.
  • THE INSTIGATOR / CRITIC: you critic the world and you become a devil’s advocate in your industry
  • THE CASE STUDY: as an early adopter, you test everything yourself and teach the world from your learning and experience.
  • THE “REGULAR PERSON”: just you being truly you, showing the world your life in the most genuine way.
  • THE INDUSTRY EXPERT: know what you are talking about and people come to you for advice.

It’s up to you to produce the type of content that you feel comfortable with. The most important is to produce quality content and produce it regularly and consistently.

14-Be a Contributor (Guess Author) in authoritative online Medias

Becoming a guest author in authoritative online media has the great advantage of allowing you to associate your name with the authoritative media, which gives you instant credibility.

Those articles also include a bio with a link to your blog, which helps drive additional traffic to your blog.

15-Collaborate with Influencers in your Industry

There are multiple benefits of collaborating with other influencers in your industry, among which establishing your credibility and getting exposure.

That said, you need to be selective and get yourself involved in fruitful collaborations.

A good way to reach out to the right influencers is by using Social Media to measure their social reach, their community’s engagement and get in touch with the ones that really are a good fit with you.

Keep in mind that well-established influencers get multiple collaboration offers. Therefore, to be successful, try to think of what motivates them and figure out collaboration projects that will help them reach their goals.

16-Get Involved in Online Discussions

Jump in discussions on Twitter, comment on other people’s posts in Social Media, answer Quora questions, comments in blogs, comments on Youtube videos and make sure to bring your point of view each time, with relevance and intelligence.

This will establish your credibility with the community of content creators and that is worth a lot because they are the ones active and engaged, and they can help you build engagement around your content.

17-Grow your Professional Network

For a long time, growing your network meant getting involved in the community and getting to know people in-person.

Obviously, it is still relevant and these days, the application meetup really helps to find interesting events in your city that are relevant to your industry and where you can build your network.

That said, nowadays, LinkedIn is also a very powerful tool to network and connect with people, or I should say to connect with the right people. LinkedIn Search Filter allows you to search for specific profiles and connect with the ones relevant to you.

It can be potential collaborators in your industry, clients, mentors, investors, etc.

Surprisingly, it is very easy to connect with people on Linkedin as opposed to other Social platforms like Facebook. All you have to do is (1) make sure your profile is clean and professional and (2) send a connection request with a personalized message.

If you do it right, you will get over 40% acceptance rate.

You might be interested in this article about How to Get Exposure on LinkedIn.

18-Be a Professional Matchmaker

After connecting with people, learn as much as you can about them, about their offers, their differentiators, their level of services, their companies, etc., enough to be able to refer them to other professionals of your network.

So anytime someone in your network shall ask for a reference, you will be able to refer someone from your network, in such a way that you will eventually become the go-to person.

19-Use Hashtags to your Advantage

Using hashtags makes your content searchable in Social Media, meaning when people search for keywords and phrases associated with your content in Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they will potentially find your content, which grows your reach outside of your network.

You can take advantage of hashtags as long as you choose hashtags carefully and relevant to your content.

Bonus Tips

Bonus 1: Give yourself an authoritative title such as Marketing Guru, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Host, Entrepreneur, Former Executive, etc.

Bonus 2: Display Logos of Authoritative Publishers or Media on your blog, where you were published or had an appearance

Bonus 3: Use a Professional Email Signature including your logo, title, contact info, blog URL and Social Media link.


In this article, I provided 19 ways to will help you establish your credibility almost instantaneously, in the blink of an eye!

I discussed the following elements:

  1. Build a Blog with your Own Domain
  2. Get your Professional Email
  3. Build your Social Media Pages
  4. Get your Professional Business Cards
  5. Start Social Groups of Experts and Be the Admin / Mediator
  6. Write a book
  7. Start a Vlog and a Podcast
  8. Speak at Conferences
  9. Give Free Webinars
  10. Give Training
  11. Do Live Streaming Videos
  12. Be an Expert Speaker in Traditional Media
  13. Be a Content Creator
  14. Be a Contributor (Guess Author) in authoritative online Medias
  15. Collaborate with Influencers in your Industry
  16. Get Involved in Online Discussions
  17. Grow your Professional Network
  18. Be a Professional Matchmaker
  19. Use Hashtags to your Advantage

Bonus tips:

  1. Give yourself an authoritative title
  2. Display Logos of Authoritative Publishers on your blog
  3. Use a Professional Email Signature

Establishing credibility is the easy part, the hard part is to maintain your credibility over the long run, which is going to be the subject of my next post. Stay tuned!

Let me ask you. Do you think those elements will really help you establish your credibility? Please answer yes or no in the comment section below.

If so, which ones of those elements will you use to establish your credibility rapidly?

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