12 digital marketing strategies to market your content and maximize your traffic. These digital marketing strategies cover content integration, marketing tools, email marketing & more

Learn how to maximize your reach and access to a broader audience by creating engaging visual content like Videos, Live Videos and Photos.

This article explains how to write an engaging blog post that will generate organic traffic, engagement and maximum exposure for your personal brand.

Building your online assets consists of building your website and the social media pages essentials to engage with your audience and connect with them.

Your brand identity is your points of differentiation, your skills, your strengths, your values, your purpose, your goals and your vision.

Learn how to brand yourself with these easy steps and get access to new professional opportunities! Complete guide with 35 Easy & Powerful Actionable Tips + 3 BONUS Tips.

How to identify your strength & weaknesses

How to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on improving your strengths to reach near perfect performance in everything your do? This blog post provide a step-by-step methods to identify your strengths and weaknesses along with a great supportive workbook.

Perform 10x better in everything you do

In this article, I give you an awesome advice. I tell the One Secret on how to perform 10x better in everything you do and reach your full potential, feel engaged and motivated and reach the highest levels in your organisation!

As an entrepreneur you can take two paths, the cozy and the courageous path, which one should you take to increase your chances of success?

Importance of Profits in Business

In this article, I explain a simple yet very important principle: the relationship between profits and competition. It will open your eyes on the utmost  importance of profits in business! Too many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of making high profit margins and they end up paying the big price. Some goes bankrupt, others sink into a burnout and some others manage to get out of trouble not without major difficulties and radical pivot in their business model or perfect execution. By perfect execution, I mean reaching perfection in every aspect of the business and only a few people have this ability, just like only a few people on earth can become renown artists or an elite athletes.

Two Selling Price Strategies In a Monopoly

In a monopoly situation, your selling price strategies is highly related to your marketing strategy. Maximizing profits don’t necessarily means that you target the entire market. It may be more profitable to maintain the selling price at a certain level where you maximize the profits. It means you may voluntarily maintain a selling price to a stand point where your product will not be financially accessible to the entire market.

4 steps to become a visionary

Foreseeing the future gives you an edge over your competitors! It is one thing to identify a first opportunity out of luck, but it is another to keep foreseeing opportunities for years and stay ahead of elite CEOs working there asses off to take you down