Optimize your LinkedIn profile by taking inspiration from these 15 outstanding cover banner designs carefully selected from my list of thousands of contacts! Each design shows a creative element that will inspire you!

Do you want to have a competitive advantage that will bring you more customers, more sales, allow you to sell at higher prices and close sales faster?

An advantage that will bring you more visibility, more engagement on social media and on your website … and all that gratis!

In this article, I tell you how you and your employees can become the competitive advantage of your start-up by leveraging your personal brand!

Do you have difficulties establishing your credibility? In personal branding, you can’t rely on a company image or the title they assign to you to build your credibility, but you can still use simple tricks to influence people so that they give you the high credibility you deserve almost instantaneously. This article provides 19 ways to help you establish your credibility in the blink of an eye!

In this article, I briefly introduce the long business plan and explain why this type of business plan may not be the perfect tool at an early stage of your startup. Then I cover the 15-minute alternative in details. The Business Model Canvas made easy. I explain all nine blocks supported by examples to help you understand the fundamentals and make your Business Model Canvas in no time.

After presenting the Business Model Canvas essentials, I will develop a practical business case using the Business Model Canvas for a digital product, more specifically an online course. I will dissect each bloc on a step-by-step basis, and explain various models and strategies you can put in place to market your online course with success.

As an entrepreneur you can take two paths, the cozy and the courageous path, which one should you take to increase your chances of success?

In this article, I explain a simple yet very important principle: the relationship between profits and competition. It will open your eyes on the utmost  importance of profits in business! Too many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of making high profit margins and they end up paying the big price. Some goes bankrupt, others sink into a burnout and some others manage to get out of trouble not without major difficulties and radical pivot in their business model or perfect execution. By perfect execution, I mean reaching perfection in every aspect of the business and only a few people have this ability, just like only a few people on earth can become renown artists or an elite athletes.

In a monopoly situation, your selling price strategies is highly related to your marketing strategy. Maximizing profits don’t necessarily means that you target the entire market. It may be more profitable to maintain the selling price at a certain level where you maximize the profits. It means you may voluntarily maintain a selling price to a stand point where your product will not be financially accessible to the entire market.