How to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on improving your strengths to reach near perfect performance in everything your do? This blog post provide a step-by-step methods to identify your strengths and weaknesses along with a great supportive workbook.

In this article, I give you an awesome advice. I tell the One Secret on how to perform 10x better in everything you do and reach your full potential, feel engaged and motivated and reach the highest levels in your organisation!

As an entrepreneur you can take two paths, the cozy and the courageous path, which one should you take to increase your chances of success?

Foreseeing the future gives you an edge over your competitors! It is one thing to identify a first opportunity out of luck, but it is another to keep foreseeing opportunities for years and stay ahead of elite CEOs working there asses off to take you down

In this article, I talk about myself. Throughout my own stories, I provide some insights about what it is to be an entrepreneur and important lessons I learned to succeed in business along with valuable advice on how to get back on your feet in difficult moments.