Best Practices for Creating the Perfect Webinar (ch. 6)

by David Gaudreault, Serial Entrepreneur, Online Marketer, and Personal Branding Passionate

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How to make the perfect webinar to blow up your email list and drive insane profits. Includes recommended tools, a complete tutorial on how to create the perfect webinar, the 4 essential metrics of a webinar and the 8 essential elements to include in your webinar scarcity page. #howtowebinar #webinartips #webinartutorials #webinartools #webinarmarketing #webinartipsbusiness #howtomakewebinars #webinarsextramoney

Webinars are free presentations, workshops, classes or live demos where you provide your very best content within about 45 minutes.

They are the fastest, easiest, and best way to sell your products or services online and make high profits. They are also a massive tool to grow your email list.

In addition, webinars are very efficient to build trust, authority, and credibility, and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

It is, therefore, a great tool to build your personal brand.

Many tools are available to do webinars, but I recommend to go with either EasyWebinar, a very good all-in-one solution that offers a set of tools to do live and evergreen webinars, or WebinarJam along with EverWebinar. The first is for live webinars and the second will allow you to do evergreen webinars.

Creating the Perfect Webinar - EasyWebinar Banner

EasyWebinar Essentials: 

  • Multiple presenters
  • HD No-Latency Streaming
  • Crystal clear screen sharing
  • Live chat and offers
  • Moving from live to automated (evergreen)
  • Stream in attendees local timezone
  • Stream in real time
  • Automated “like live” one-time events
Webinarjam home page

WebinarJam Essentials: 

  • Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or their private JamCast broadcaster
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Engage with a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency
  • Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations
  • Automatically record every webinar
  • Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders
  • Know your data with their advanced analytics and tracking

EverWebinar is used to automate your webinar once you get a high converting one. It simulates a live webinar so your audience really feel like they are watching you live.

EverWebinar Essentials:

  • Automated Webinars That Simulate Live Events
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency
  • Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders
  • Share files directly on the webinar
  • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity
  • Know your data with their advanced analytics and tracking

If you want to learn more about webinars check out this Free Webinar by Mike Filsaime who is the Co-Founder of WebinarJam.

How to Create the Perfect Webinar?

In a webinar, customers make their purchase decision based on the connection and the relationship you build up with them during the presentation.

It is therefore crucially important to provide a very good performance live in the webinar.

You need to be energetic, concise, actionable, practical and very good at delivering your message.

But once you succeed at doing it, as Filsaime mention in his free webinar, webinar customers buy at higher prices, refund less, buy more often, will engage more and provide testimonials more often.

4 important metrics in webinars

4 essential elements to master in order to make the perfect webinar to blow up your email list and drive insane profits. The entire article includes recommended tools, a complete tutorial on how to create the perfect webinar, the 4 essential metrics of a webinar and the 8 essential elements to include in your webinar scarcity page. #howtowebinar #webinartips #webinartutorials #webinartools #webinarmarketing #webinartipsbusiness #howtomakewebinars #webinarsextramoney #webinarmetrics

1. Number of Registrations – you want to get as many registrations as possible.

click here to register button

Promote your event!

You need as many people to register as possible, so write a blog post, or leverage your most popular posts to advertise your webinar.

Make promotional content like a YouTube or IGTV video, or a social Medias post about your webinar.

You can even use paid advertising to drive traffic to your registration page.

Your webinar should solve a problem and you should clearly state the outcome on your registration page.

Webinars are live events, they are unique and special and people need to feel that they really need to show up!

Introduce yourself and establish the foundation of your credibility. Why your audience should be taking their precious time to listen to you?

You can even promise a free gift to anyone participating live.

2. Show Rate – you need as many people who signed up to actually show up

Please Show Up - Baby


Select your time wisely to accommodate your audience schedule and time zone.

Filsaime recommends 2 PM EST, which make your webinar accessible to people living in the Pacific Time zone as well as the people living in the UK and other European countries.

Use a short-cycle promotion. It can be a few days or even a few hours before it starts.

Facebook advertising targeted to the right audience a few hours before the start can serve you well.

Upon registration, add a video to the thank you page, to personally thank the people for registering and to remind them to add the event to their calendar and provide their phone number to get a text reminder.

Following registration, start the training right away, send one or a series of emails that will serve as a sneak peek to raise interest even further.

In each email, make sure to remind the date of the webinar and add a countdown: Only 2 days left to your FREE webinar!

3. Audience Retention – you want your audience to stick until the end

Audience Retention - Camel with Rope

Photo by Ali Hegazy on Unsplash

Similar to the anatomy of a blog post or the anatomy of a YouTube video, your webinar should be structured with an introduction, a lead in and your content split into multiple modules.

However, in the case of a webinar, you will need a transition that will serve as a bridge between you, teaching and delivering free content, and you, starting selling and offering your paid service or product.

As always, your conclusion should be followed by a call-to-action. Buy now and get a limited time discount…!

In the introduction, say that after the Q&A, you will be giving free bonuses or gifts to everyone. This simple tip will help increase your retention rate instantly.

Introduce yourself and tell your story. Ideally, talk about the struggle you had, what you did to overcome the difficulties and how going through this hard time made you learn, grow as a person and become an expert at what you do (what you will be presenting in the webinar).

This is very important! What makes you an expert? Why should people listen to you for the 45 minutes or so?

You have to remember that you will run your webinar on replay, so make it look real time, but without specific references to dated events.

Thanks for being on time! Please introduce yourself in the chat and send your questions.

Get your audience engaged early and often. Ask for comments and feedback in the chat.

Then, telegraph your offer early in the webinar saying that you will be giving very valuable and free content in your webinar and that it will be very useful for everyone’s business and will be paying off to everyone for many years to come.

Then ask the audience for their permission to take 10 minutes at the end of the webinar to make an offer that will be bomb value for them.

Ask them to say YES in the chat if they give you their permission.

Not long after, say that you are already getting a lot of yeses and later in the presentation, use their acquiescence to transition from your free content to your paid offer.

In your content, go through each of your modules, then show the results of taking action over the information you provide and show the consequences of not taking action.

End your content sections with a recap of the great value provided in your free webinar and transition to your close by reminding your audience all that they learned and how it will benefit them.

4. Conversion Rate – you want as many people to buy your offer

Piggy bank

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Don’t be pushy at selling. Just make your webinar so good that it is a natural continuity to buy your core product.

Your core product should be awesome and WOW your audience, but then to increase your conversion rate, make your bonuses so valuable that your clients could buy just for your bonuses.

Think of every objection your audience may have about your core product and provide bonuses to overcome every single one of them.

For example, if you sell a course on Advanced Techniques to Promote your Business with Pinterest, one objection will be: I don’t know how to design pins.

So as a bonus, you can offer a free course on how to make great pins with Photoshop. Make 5 or 6 bonuses that will overcome all potential objections.

The second to last bonus shall be a free course covering the basics of your main topics.

For example Pinterest for Your Business – The Fundamentals. Then, you set the value of this stand-alone course at half the price of your advanced course.

If you don’t have a course covering the basics, chances are you cover the basics in the first few modules of your main course.

Break out your main course and keep the modules covering the basics to be offered separately as a bonus course.

The last bonus should be priceless.

You can’t put a value on it because it is not something you want to sell. It will only be available for the subscribers.

It could be your personal notes, your A/B testing results, your analytics, your personal marketing blueprint, your personal archives, etc. Anything that is exclusive, that gives a lot of value and that you wouldn’t sell in other circumstances.

End your offer with a recap page listing everything included in the offer and add up everything together to show the total value of your offer.

Then ask the question to your audience how much additional revenue would you get if you achieve the results I promise?

Give them an easy formula to make a quick calculation. This is to put the value of your offer into perspective. Once you get answers in the chat, shout out the numbers.

Webinar Jam Trial

As an example, let’s say you have an annual revenue of 250k$ and your promise is that they will triple their traffic using the Advanced Pinterest Promotion Techniques.

With a 5% conversion rate, you will get an additional annual revenue of 25k$. With this in mind, your audience gets to see the value out of your offer.

It makes sense to pay a course X dollars if you get an annual return of 10X, 20X, 30X.

You want them to think that if they would be paying the total value of your offer it would be well worth it. Then you come up with the discounted price, which is not the final price.

After saying the discounted price, get a sense of urgency by offering a best and final price that will be increased imminently.

The final price will be further discounted by another 50%, but only if the clients promise to do something like sharing their success stories in return.

Make sure to include a BUY NOW button in the webinar and offer Paypal Bill Me Later program. So people can get access to everything today and pay only in 6 months.

This is available only if you qualify for credit and is a US resident. For international customers, offer a 3 payments plan at a 20% higher price.

Paypal Credit

Then offer a 30-day no question money back guarantee.

Focus on the results, not the struggle. Don’t talk about the effort they will need to climb to the summit, just focus on the summit and how amazing it is. Focus on the rewards, not the process.

End with a Q&A session and make sure to answer, again, all objections!

For a webinar that you plan on using as an evergreen webinar, gather all the best questions from all your live webinars and make sure to answer them all and close all objections.

If people subscribe live, you can welcome them live and thank them for their purchase.

After the Q&A, make the transition to a discussion.

If you are two people, get the two people on the camera and discuss together providing more insights, tips, and pieces of advice.

It gives additional time for people to get to know you in a different context and take a positive buying decision.

Remember to give your free incentive to thank the people who stayed until the end.

After the webinar, send a custom message to people based on when they left the webinar. If they did or did not show up, did or did not see the offer, did and did not buy, etc.

You can invite them to an Encore Webinar by stating how great this first webinar was and include screenshot and testimonials.

Then make a scarcity page where they can watch the webinar again and buy the offer.

8 Essentials of a Webinar Scarcity Page

8 essential elements to include in your webinar scarcity page to finally convert the laggards and boost your sales. The entire article includes recommended tools, a complete tutorial on how to create the perfect webinar, the 4 essential metrics of a webinar and the 8 essential elements to include in your webinar scarcity page. #howtowebinar #webinartips #webinartutorials #webinartools #webinarmarketing #webinarscarcitypage #webinartipsbusiness #howtomakewebinars #webinarsextramoney
  1. Catchy Headline
  2. Video with progress bar
  3. Table of Contents with Time-Stamp on everything in the video
  4. Countdown Timers on page
  5. A 2nd Video – Just the Recap of what you get in the offer
  6. Text Recap of what’s included in the offer.
  7. Testimonials
  8. Buy Buttons with Payment plans.

Finally, once you have a high conversion webinar, turn it into an evergreen automated webinar with EverWebinar  or EasyWebinar that will be selling for you 24/7 on simulated live replay!

35. Build Your Authority and Local Network with Seminars

Seminar Audience


After running a webinar for sometimes, you will be in control of your topic and should be able to deliver an awesome presentation.

Use this presentation to present free seminars in colleges, universities, local businesses (lunch & learn), collaborative workspaces, startup incubators, community halls and any other places where you can reach your target audience.

I suggest prioritizing colleges and universities because they are good references to use on your website and in your future advertising efforts to show your authority.

For example, you may say: “As previously presented at McGill University” or “As previously taught at Kingston University”.

It makes an indirect association between you and a renowned organization, which instantly build your credibility in the eye of your audience.

Seminars are also a good way to develop your network and build professional relationships, associations, and collaborations.


In this article, I taught a detailed structure on how to build the perfect webinar that converts into sales.

I provided some tool recommendation to build your webinar, but also to automate it into an evergreen webinar. A powerful tool what will be selling your products or services 24/7.

I covered the for essentials metrics of a webinar and emphasize on the 8 essentials of a webinar scarcity page.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know in the comments below.

And also tell me if you are going to use this proven structure to build your webinar!


1. Draft the Guidelines of Your Brand
2. Choose the Name of Your Brand
3. Write Down a Short Description of Your Mission and Supportive Tag Lines
4. Write Down Your Stories
5. Learn the Basics of Graphic Design and Video Editing
6. Get a Good Camera and Studio Equipment
7. Take an Awesome Picture of Yourself
8. Choose your Brand Colors
9. Design your Logo
10. Secure a Domain
11. Secure Your Social Profiles


12. Build a Website & a Blog
13. Setup Google Analytics
14. Setup Facebook Pixel
15. Setup Your Professional Email Address
16. Design Your Social Media Pages
17. Get Your Professional Business Cards


18. Creating Engaging Content – Blog Writing


19. Creating Engaging Content – Videos
20. Creating Engaging Content – Going Live
21. Creating Engaging Content – Photos & Images


22. Cross-Platform Content Integration
23. Engage with Your Visitors Using a Chat Plugin
24. Connect and Collaborate with Influencers
25. Build your Email List with Lead Magnets
26. Subscribe to a Marketing Automation Platform
27. Start Sending Automated Emails
28. Start Sending Web Push Notifications
29. Get Exposure by Guest Blogging
30. Get Exposure with LinkedIn
31. Get your Own Brands of Merchandise
32. Increase Your Visibility with Online Advertising
33. Interact in Groups and Forums


34. Get Exposure with Webinars
35. Get Exposure with Seminars


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