17 Essentials to Maintain your Credibility

by David Gaudreault, Entrepreneur, Maker, Online Marketing and Personal Branding Specialist

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Personal Branding - 17 Essentials to Maintain your Credibility

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Anyone can establish his/her credibility using simple tricks.

Companies do it all the time with their employees by simply giving them a title, a business card, a professional email, a digital signature, branded templates, policies, guidelines, etc.

As a professional, there are plenty of things you can do to establish your credibility among which 19 ways to establish your credibility almost instantaneously.

That said, once you have established your credibility, the real challenge is to maintain your credibility intact in the long term.

In this article, I provide a list of 17 essential elements that will help you maintain your credibility.

Personal Branding - 17 essentials to maintain your credibility in the long term

1 – Keep learning new things

Keep your brain active by learning new things. Develop new skills, either hard skills directly related to your industry or soft skills such as teamwork, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, work ethic, critical thinking, time management, empathy, conflict management, etc.

Nowadays, most people have access to knowledge thanks to the Internet. For most of us, online courses are just one click away.

Need inspiration? Visit Udemy, one of the biggest educational marketplaces where you can find virtually anything at a very affordable prices.

2-Be on the Lookout for Trends in your Industry

As an expert in your field, you need to be constantly tuned to your market and be aware of the trends in your industry.

Need help keeping the pace?

Follow influencers of your industry in the social media. Some of the gurus have exclusive access to the biggest international events which give them an edge over you. But they usually take pride in sharing valuable insights on the coming trends.

3-Renew Yourself Constantly

A lot of people work hard early in their career until they reach some level of success, get comfortable and lay back.

They stop being challenged, so they stop growing. It’s a matter of time before they die professionally.

Each time you achieve success, use your success as an encouragement, additional fuel to keep moving, to keep finding new, innovative and creative ideas, and renew yourself.

4-Know How to Communicate

Communication is one of the most important soft skill you need in your back pocket.

Good communicators know how to listen. They are aware of when it is time to listen, which is most of the time, and when it is a good time to speak out.

If you speak all the time and never listen, you will be disconnected from your audience and you will not be able to surround yourself with good people to back you up.

So basically you will lose alone.

5 – Innovate, be creative and be bold

The only way to be bold, which means to be audacious and do things that will get noticed, is by being truly yourself, being unique, doing things differently, being innovative and being creative.

There is only one way to be bold: Surprise, inspire and enhance the lives of people with your actions! Only then, will you be in the right direction to get noticed. Cliquez pour tweeter

6 – Create Sharable Content with Regularity

Create exceptional content with regularity and consistency.

By exceptional, I mean highly sharable content. Content that people will engage with.

Knowing in advance the virality of your content is very difficult, it is a hit or a miss.

However, you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to search for a specific topic and get inspired by existing content that was highly popular and shared on social media.

7 – Repurpose your Content with Regularity

Why would you limit your content to your website’s audience, when you can reach out a much larger audience by repurposing your content in other strategic places?

Optimize your time and use of your content by repurposing your content on medium.com and Linkedin, or to answers questions related to your topic on Quora.

Then, you can create a podcast and a video with your content, and post it on every major social media platforms.

Finally, why don’t you create a great graphic summarizing the main elements of your content and post it on your favorite Pinterest boards and group boards? Other people covering the same or similar topic may also use your graphic and link to your site as the source?

8 – Make Content Curation with Regularity

Building a community means feeding that community with a lot of good content.

If you can create all that content by yourself, with regularity, either you’ve got superhuman powers or you work with a team of people.

If like most people, you work all by yourself, you are limited in the amount of high-quality content you can create in a week.

Then, the solutions for you is to curate content, meaning to distribute great content from other people that create awesome content.

There are specialized websites to help you find and curate high-value content.

10 Content Curation Tools

  1. Scoop.it
  2. Scribble Live
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. Curata
  5. ContentGems
  6. Feedly
  7. MyCurator for WordPress
  8. List.ly
  9. Triberr
  10. Pinterest

9 – Bring a unique, relevant and intelligent point of view

It is not enough to just curate content, you need to add some value to it by bringing your point of view.

However, when you give your point of view, you can’t say to same as everybody else.

You need to stand out with a relevant and intelligent point of view that will bring something new and unique to the discussion.

10 – Build an Engaged Community

To be perfectly honest, you could use Facebook ads and for under 100$ build a Facebook page with a few thousand followers.

Would it be worth it? Definitely not, because your community would not be engaged.

The size of the community is not important, the engagement is!

You are better to have a community of 100 people totally engaged, that watch your videos, read your posts, give you feedback, than having 100 thousand people that totally ignore your posts and couldn’t care less about you.

11 – Reply to Comments

When people comment on your posts, it means they were generous enough to invest their precious time giving you feedback.

Good or bad, unless the comment is pure bashing, feedbacks are always valuable.

It means the minimum you can do, is answering to every comment one by one until the very last!

12 – Make Collaborations with Influencers in your Industry on a Regular Basis

You know the saying: « we are stronger together », that’s what happens when you collaborate with other influencers.

You share ideas, you are more creative and you share your marketing channels. Meaning you leverage each other’s community to promote your brands and the piece of content you produce together.

It’s a win-win.

Now, imagine if you make those collaborations with different influencers regularly! You end up leveraging multiple marketing channels and communities to promote your content and your brand. That is very powerful.

13 – Be a Guest Author on Prestigious Sites on a Regular Basis

Prestigious and renowned sites like entrepreneur.com or forbes.com have a large audience and every time you sign an article on those sites, you expose your brand to a broader audience.

Furthermore, each time you write for those sites, your name, a short bio and a link to your site is added to your article, meaning not only, those prestigious sites help you establish and maintain your credibility, but they also help generate traffic to your blog.

Finally, contributing to those sites regularly will help you become a renowned author in your industry.

14 – Accumulate testimonials

As you go in your professional journey, you will certainly receive testimonials, good or bad, it will come.

It is important to have a way to collect and post them on your blog homepage in a dedicated section, usually very close to the above the fold area.

Testimonials are great to build authority on your websites and they will help you maintain your credibility especially if you update them regularly.

15 – Pile Up Successes

One purpose of personal branding is to showcase yourself as an expert.

You can’t be perceived as an expert if you constantly pile up defeats.

You need to win! Which means you need to focus on what you are really good at and perform the very best you can with high consistency.

16 – Know How to Behave

This is a no brainer and it is probably one of the most important elements in the list.

You have to be:

  • Authentic
  • Honest
  • Respectful
  • Generous
  • Inclusive
  • Friendly
  • And the most important: Humble

No one will ever follow your lead if he or she has bad feelings about you. It will be a dead end. If you are selfish and make it all about you, it is not gonna work.

17 – Admit that You Don’t know Everything and Learn to Ask for Help

The worst thing you can do to lose credibility is to say BS because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

When you don’t know the answer to a question, no matter how stupid the question is, just say it, be honest and refer to the person who knows.

Surround yourself with people with complementary skills and let them shine.


In this article, I provided 17 ways to will help you maintain your credibility!

I discussed the following elements:

  1. Keep learning new things
  2. Be on the Lookout for Trends in your Industry
  3. Renew Yourself Constantly
  4. Know How to Communicate
  5. Innovate, be creative and be bold
  6. Create Sharable Content with Regularity
  7. Repurpose your Content with Regularity
  8. Make Content Curation with Regularity
  9. Bring a unique, relevant and intelligent point of view
  10. Build an Engaged Community
  11. Reply to Comments
  12. Make Collaborations with Influencers in your Industry on a Regular Basis
  13. Be a Guest Author on Prestigious Sites on a Regular Basis
  14. Accumulate testimonials
  15. Pile Up Successes
  16. Know How to Behave
  17. Admit that You Don’t know Everything and Learn to Ask for Help

Let me ask you. Are there any elements in this list that you use already to maintain your credibility?

Please answer yes or no in the comment section below.

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