by David Gaudreault, Serial Entrepreneur, Online Marketer and Personal Branding Passionate

Simple Method to Perform Better in Everything You Do!


Take a pencil and try to make a drawing with your non-dominant hand. If you are right handed, try to draw with your left hand.

It is kind of hard, right? It feels awkward and unnatural, and quite honestly, you would feel the same for any other activities.

That said, if you invest a lot of time and effort in practicing, you will become good enough to do everything with your non-dominant hand. You will become even better than most people around you and that’s a big problem! Because although you become good, it will always feel awkward to you (more on that later)!

Now imagine you have a choice. You can choose to do your job using your dominant hand or using your non-dominant hand. Will you choose to use your dominant hand? Of course! This way you will perform much better, develop yourself to your full potential and achieve results much faster.

You will make this choice naturally because you know that even if you manage to become fairly good at doing anything with your non-dominant hand and perform better than most people, you will always perform better (compare to yourself), feel more fulfilled, energetic, happy and positively challenge if you can use your dominant hand.

Why Do You Constantly Choose Your Non-Dominant Hand in Your Career?

You are facing this choice every day of your life and at every stage of your career. Constantly, you are being offered with opportunities that involve your weaknesses, you are being offered to work with your non-dominant hand, and most of the time you accept. I know you do because most people do!

You choose to work on improving your weaknesses because you feel that being fairly good at everything is a good way to stand out.

This couldn’t be more wrong!

You need to choose the opportunities that involve your dominant hand. You need to choose the opportunities to work with your natural talents. You need to stop spending time working on improving your weaknesses and work on developing your strengths.

Then, you will stand out and perform 10x better in everything you do.

Most people work on improving their weaknesses because it’s what society teaches us to do. It’s the American Dream! From day one, you learn that when all odds are against you when you don’t have the ability to do something, you need to try and work hard and through adversity, you will eventually succeed and become a hero!

The Risks of Constantly Improving Your Weaknesses

But the reality is different. If you spend all your time working on improving your weaknesses, you’re not developing your strengths. When you have a natural talent and put efforts, time, energy and practice into it, you improve faster and develop a strength: the ability to constantly reach near-perfect performance. Then you stand out!

Even though you become good at drawing with your non-dominant hand or good at doing anything that implies improving your weaknesses, it will never feel natural to you. Even worst, if you become good enough at doing something that is not natural to you, it will become an integral part of your curriculum, of your experiences, of your background and over time it will become an integral part of how you define yourself professionally.

Then, there are high risks that you end up doing it over and over again throughout your entire career because your employers, your colleagues, and your peers will recognize you for those weaknesses. I know it sounds strange to be recognized for our weaknesses, but keep in mind that after working on a weakness, you become good at it, but it keeps feeling unnatural to you. But you are the only one to know about it!

This is a vicious circle where you will always feel unnatural, you will always underperform and be left behind by the “naturals”, you will feel disengaged and demotivated, you will never reach your full potential and you will never get the promotions to find your way up to the highest level in the organization you work for.

The Secret!

The secret to professional success, to perform 10x better at work is to focus on your natural talents, concentrate your energy on developing your strengths and stay away from anything that is not “natural” to you! It is the only way up to professional success!

Keep learning! Learn How to Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses:

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